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Our Mission

Lukumi Arts is an interdisciplinary arts collective dedicated to creating innovative projects. Founded (January2008) as an open and growing collective of artists, orisha/palo priests and practitioners, singers, dancers, percussionists, MCs, and producers; we narrate stories that reflect the history, struggles, perserverance and beauty of our community. Amidst a negative array of stereotypes, images and misinformation about Afro-Cuban religions and culture, we communicate the positive, empowering nature of Afro-Cuban arts.

LUKUMI ARTS celebrates our 10-year anniversary 













*Special thanks to/mil gracias a Naivis Angarica, Regla Angarica, Maria Angarica, Horacio Angarica, Jesus Zayas, Betsy Zayas, Zurdito & Yamiel, Zenaida Thompson, Charles Hart, Angel Guerrero, Lekiam Aguilar Guerrero, Philbert Armenteros, Rita Macias, Diosvany Valladares, Zoraida Anderson & Erin Washington* 

La Sirene: Rutas de Azucar, JACK


 photo credit: Sokari Ekine and Ed Forti

Chango - La Sirene: Rutas de Azucar from Lukumi Arts on Vimeo.

Video credit: Raymond Tobechi Crouch, Mercedita Valdes Intern